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Installing a solar system at your home is a fantastic way of reducing your household’s power bills. Solar Broker is here to help you understand all about solar and start saving enormous amounts of money. On October 2012, the Australian Clean Energy Regulator (ACER), announced that a massive 858,000 Australian homes now have grid-connected solar power systems installed. This number is increasing by approximately 30,000 homes per month. Australia has now passed the one million mark!

It was in mid-2007 when the solar industry really took off, after the government doubled solar rebates (PVRP) from $4,000 to $8,000. But back in those days a 1kW system would still put the consumer over $5,000 out of pocket even after the rebate. Since then, as the prices have fallen.

How does solar power work?

  • By installing a solar panel system you can reduce your power bill drastically. A percentage of your energy bill will be eliminated and you will save money straight away.
  • Solar panel systems generate electricity which is measured in watts or kilowatts. To find out more about how this technology works, have a read of How does solar work?
  • Solar panels use photons from the sun to create a chemical reaction which produces direct current (DC) power. The power that is created by your solar panels is either used at the time of production or fed back into Australia’s electricity grid.
  • Some states in Australia have feed-in tariffs (FITs) which mean you can sell the power you generate back to the grid. You then receive a credit from your energy retailer.
  • You can also be awarded solar rebates through installing a solar system. The amount of time it takes to be awarded credit depends on the cost of your solar panel system, the climate where you live and how much power you use.

Why should I get solar energy in my home?

Rising energy costs are making life harder and harder for households and businesses throughout Australia. But while the increases are being discussed constantly in the media, hardly any solutions are actually being offered to those who want to do something about it. And that’s why solar – which makes perfect economic sense – has been embraced so readily.

Energy costs have soared in the last five years, partly down to increased network charges and also through higher production costs for electricity. Carbon tax has also increased the cost of using fossil fuels such as coal. One really simple and ecological way of reducing your power bill is to become a producer of your own energy. Thankfully the price of solar panels has dropped dramatically in recent years.

Solar power is now an affordable and attractive alternative energy source to households who want to drastically reduce their power bills for now and for the future.

Many households and families are interested in going solar, but don’t know how it works or what to do next. Solar Broker is here to make the process simple, providing you with the relevant information informing you of the steps you will need to take to get the most out of ‘going solar’. We organise free solar quotes too. Simply let us know the following:

  • Your post code
  • Your last quarterly power bill
  • Your energy retailer
  • How you use your energy

Solar Broker will send you the following free online reports and a recommendation on a solar system size that will reduce your power bill:

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  • Plus, up to four free solar quotes from solar companies operating in your area

Solar Broker is committed to connecting you with professional and reputable solar installers anywhere in Australia. We want you to pay the right price and we want to make sure you get all the rebates available. Solar Broker is part of a network of experienced and highly-skilled solar panel installers. With Solar Broker, you can be sure all aspects of your solar system installation will be handled by professionals, and at a just price!

Going Solar...Has Never Been So Easy!

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