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The Benefits of Installing a Commercial Solar Panel System in Adelaide, South Australia

Making your business solar panel system powered makes perfect sense. Ever-rising energy costs are putting an increasing strain on company profits throughout Australia, and even putting some out of business. The introduction of carbon tax has only made this worse. If your business plans to remain successful for many years to come, installing solar power panels for commercial use in Adelaide could be your smartest business decision yet.

Top Reasons for Installing Commercial Solar Panels in Adelaide, South Australia

  • Protect your business against rising energy costs with a commercial solar panel system - utilizing the renewable energy of solar power
  • Benefits from commercial solar panel systems within Perth that are more affordable than ever before. See how quickly your commercial solar panel system pays for itself through power savings in Adelaide, South Australia
  • Invest in the future of your business today with commercial solar panel installation

The real secret success to solar panel system installation in South Australia is this...

Choose the right commercial solar panel system, and it will actually produce enough power for you to eliminate a large percentage of the energy component of your bills.

If your South Australia business is interested in commercially ‘going solar’, you will want to know and understand the cost and benefits of solar panel system installation in South Australia. Your will want to see proof you will get massive savings from your investment for years. Once the cost of the commercial solar panel system has been paid back via the savings made, the expenditure of your business’s power will be dramatically reduced. Protect your South Australia business against future energy increases now!

You will still need to pay service and network charges to be connected to the grid, in Adelaide, South Australia. But if you choose the right commercial solar panel system, you could offset a lot of the power usage component of your bill. Investing in commercial solar panels for your business in South Australia today, will lock in energy savings that can easily be measured against the finance used to install them. Remember, businesses that don't get commercial solar panels installed now could be at a massive disadvantage, as in years to come their competitors will be producing their own energy and their running costs will be less within Adelaide, South Australia.

Why choose commercial solar panel systems?

  • You can reduce your power bills by ‘going solar’ and installing a solar panel system in your South Australia business. This will immediately eliminate a percentage of your energy bill, and save you money.
  • Commercial solar panel systems in Adelaide, South Australia are often described in terms of the amount of electricity they are able to generate, which is measured in watts or kilowatts. If you are curious about commercial solar power in Adelaide, South Australia and want to get a better understanding of it, take a look at How does Solar work?
  • Commercial solar panel systems use photons from the sun to create a chemical reaction that causes electrons to move, producing DC power. This power is either used at the time of production or fed back into South Australia’s electricity grid.
  • If the power is fed back into South Australia’s energy grid, you will receive payment through feed-in tariffs (FITs).
  • The amount you save depends on where you live within South Australia and how you use your power.
  • Some areas in South Australia, Australia have highly attractive FITs, but in others they are on the verge of disappearing.
  • The amount of time it takes to be awarded credits will depend on how much your commercial solar panel system cost, and how much power you use.

The Forecast for Solar Panel Systems in Adelaide, South Australia - and a mention of FITs (Feed-in Tariffs)

Rising energy costs are causing all manner of problems for small and large businesses all over South Australia. But while everybody is aware of these costs, nobody has realised the possibility of a renewable energy solution. But there is a way out for the savvy business owner who wants to take initiative and invest in a solution that will save a fortune for decades to come. Solar energy makes economical sense and could be the answer to many struggling businesses throughout South Australia and Australia.

Increased network charges and higher electricity production costs have meant the price of power has soared in the last five years. Carbon tax has increased the cost of using fossil fuels even further. The only straightforward way of reducing your power bill is to start producing your own energy.

Feed-in tariffs in South Australia, Australia have been initiated by the South Australia State Governments for energy generated by solar panel systems. Feed-in tariffs (FIT) are basically a premium amount paid to producers of renewable energy. Therefore renewable energy is subsidised in Australian states, in affiliation with federal law, creating renewable energy targets.

The good news is that commercial solar panels have dropped dramatically in cost within South Australia, Australia over recent years thanks to growing interest and improved technology. ‘Going solar’ is now affordable and attractive to companies who are looking to reduce their power bills now and for the future.

Many businesses are interested in ‘going solar’, but haven’t a clue where to start – and that’s why we created Solar Broker. After filling in our easy online form you will be able to educate yourself on the process of switching to commercial solar power in South Australia. You can obtain free commercial solar panel system quotes with just a few clicks of the mouse. Simply provide us with the following information:

  • Your post code within South Australia
  • Your last quarterly power bill
  • Your energy retailer
  • How you use your energy

What do you get by using Solar Broker’s 100% FREE SERVICE?

Solar Broker will send you the following free online reports and a recommendation on a commercial solar panel system size that will reduce your power bill:

  • Understanding Solar Panel Systems & Your State’s Feed-In Tariff
  • Commercial Solar Panel Systems & Inverters
  • 20 Point Solar Panel System Buying Guide
  • Plus, up to 3 free solar quotes from commercial and residential solar panel installation companies operating in Adeliade and South Australia

Solar Broker is dedicated to educating you and connecting you with the best solar panels installers in South Australia, Australia and getting you the best prices. Solar Broker is proud to be part of a network of experienced solar panel installers. By letting us help you out, you will have peace of mind knowing all aspects of your solar panel system installation will be handled by a knowledgeable and trustworthy commercial solar panel installation company, and that you will be charged a fair price.

Going Solar...Has Never Been So Easy!

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